Friday, March 13, 2009

Pressure! Hectic! Sorrow!

OMG! My form4 life had arrived n i still cant accept it. First, i'm in da afternoon session, n when i saw everyone from morning session go home n i only hav to start da 1st period, i get more angry. Y form4 still need to study in afternoon session? Y?Y?Y? I hate it! If i study in morning session, in the afternoon, i cn do a lot of things.. summore wont be tat tired. N u know studyin under da hot sun is NOT fun at all. Da heat, high temperature in the afternoon, hw can we concentrate on our studies???
Secondly, we do not hav enough time to revise our hw. Morning need to go for activities. Afternoon lessons in school till nearly 7 o'clock dismiss. Night time ttn. 8 o'clock ttn 7 o'clock school dismiss, hw cn we do prepare everythin in 1 hr time? Plus traffic jam! headache...
Luckily ma lovely dad used motorbike to fetch me. :)
Huh............... After all i was too tired to do ma own revision for all subjects. After close up ma eyes for bout 6 or 7 hrs, i hav to get up again n my routine starts again n again.
I hope i dun hav so many ttn but can i cope with ma studies if i take less ttn?
Sometimes feelin stress.. but after a few months, it becomes no feelin at all. Am i tired? or i just used to tis busy life?
Thinking of being a perfectionist is nt tat easy. I wish i can be some day. Can i hav a rest for 1 or 2 days? or jus Half a minute? Wondering when i hav those gud results lik ma bro.
Hope to be but can I? Am i hardworking enough to be? Am i strong enough?
somethimes it's quite sad if i had already put more effort in ma studies but still cant get distinction in ma subjects.
Do i need more patience? or wat?

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