Sunday, October 11, 2009

Phew! Today was da last day at da USM tertiary coarse seminar!
Such a good seminar actually....
I noe a lot of frens,
I learnta lot of information bout futher studies,
I had a lot of fun ( game) XD..
Da most important is,
I had learned not to giv up easily,
overcom promblems tat we faced with a positive thinking...
I love da ppl there.
My group members, da committee incharge and everyone was very kind..
Dey took us from da main entrance until da place where our activities carried on...
N oso brought us bac when da seminar finished...
I enjoyed maself very much in each games n activities...
N laughed most of da time....
Happy! haha!
I jus wan to thank all da committee members for organizing tis seminar,
i noe tat it is very hard n tired for making it as successful as tis,
u all had done a great job!

I wil rmb every moment we had..
Good Luck to everyone! XD

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